How to Style: A Parent’s Guide to Styling Childrenswear for Everyday Adventures

With the thrill and chaos of everyday children’s activities comes the question of how to dress our kids for these fun-filled adventures.

What do I pair with what? How can I ensure that my kids' clothes are still comfortable, breathable, and will keep them warm? As a parent, these are the questions we think about.

Petit Pli wants to make these questions easy for you to answer. After all, being a parent already comes with countless other worries — let’s not have there be another one.

Petit Pli: Childrenswear for Everyday Adventures

With innovative and breathable Clothes that Grow, Petit Pli has designed a line of sustainable children's clothes that grow with your kids. That means no more having to constantly replace the clothes that your kids grow out of — a concept that saves both time and money.

To help you know how to pick out and style the right clothing items from Petit Pli, we picked out some common activities that you might be doing with your kids.

Going to the beach?

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A family fun day at the beach is one of the best summer activities!

For easy layering, pair our Clothes that Grow bottoms with a t-shirt on top for breathability and versatility.

Going for a fun day at the park?

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A casual day at the park requires playful and practical clothing.

Petit Pli’s dungarees, with adjustable straps and cuffs, grow with your child. They are lightweight and comfortable for running and crawling, with a rainproof design that makes them ready for any sudden downpours.

For colder temperatures, pair the dungarees with the Ripstop Clothes that Grow jacket or the Merino Wool Jumper for added warmth.

Going to the mountains?

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For a mountain adventure, start with Petit Pli’s Merino Wool Jumper, crafted with fine merino wool from Portugal. This jumper provides unrivaled warmth and comfort, making it perfect for those crisp mountain mornings.

Pair it with our Ripstop Clothes that Grow bottoms for breathability and splashproof comfort, designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor play.

Add the Merino Wool Space Cap for extra warmth, ensuring your little explorer stays cozy even on the chilliest days.

Going for a day in the city?

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City adventures call for versatile clothing. The Merino Wool Vest, made in Portugal, offers warmth and breathability, perfect for navigating urban environments.

Pair it with our Mini Me Foldwear Bottoms for continued comfort and movability, allowing your child to explore the city with ease and style.

Going on a family walk or cycle?


For family walks or cycling trips, comfort and adaptability are essential. Pair the Ripstop Clothes that Grow jacket with bottoms for a lightweight, breathable outfit perfect for each activity.

The jacket, made in London, can be worn on its own in the summer, providing protection without bulk. In the winter, layers underneath offer extra warmth, ensuring your child is comfortable year-round.

Summer Outfit Inspiration

With the start of summer, we thought we'd also provide you with some summer specific outfit ideas for your LittleHumans.

Going on a summer family night out?

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For a summer family night out, Petit Pli's Merino Wool Jumper is the perfect option for those chillier summer nights. It can easily be thrown over your top when it starts to get chilly, providing warmth without compromising style.

The Merino Wool Jumper pairs nicely with shorts or a skirt, keeping your child cool during the day and warm at night.

Going on a rainy-day adventure?

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For a rainy-day adventure, Petit Pli's Waterproof bottoms, made in London, offer a breathable and durable option for sudden summer storms.

Pair the waterproof bottoms with our water-repellant Clothes that Grow jacket to be best prepared for exploration!

Winter Outfit Inspiration

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You can never be too prepared! Here's also a style guide for those cold winter months so that you have plenty of time to plan ahead.

We suggest our Clothes that Grow jacket and bottoms for breathable comfort.

In case it's extra cold, pair it with the Merino Wool Space Cap! Our Merino Wool Jumper can also be thrown over for extra warmth.

Built for Adventure

Ultimately, we want our kids to be dressed for comfort and any adventure that comes their way. Knowing how to style their clothes for everyday activities helps ensure just that, so your kids are ready to take on the world!

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