Hidden Figures: Mae Jemison

“I lived on the south side of Chicago, and I was a young girl who loved to stare up at the stars, I imagined myself going there.” - Mae Jemison Mae Carol Jemison is a doctor, engineer and astronau...

Hidden Figures: Katherine Johnson

                “I counted everything. I counted steps on the road to church, the number of dishes and silverware I washed. Anything which could be counted I did." - Katherine Johnson Katherine J...

Earth's Hidden Figures

2020 has been a confusing time for humans Little and Tall, to help reduce the confusion around Covid-19 Petit Pli released its first comic Mission 1: Unstick The Sticky Alien! To Petit Pli, support...

Make your own rocket ship!

  With the news of an extended lockdown, the immense pressure on parents to LittleHumans to: teach geography, police screen time and be a loving parent - all between zoom meetings, continues. Fort...

Unstick The Sticky Alien!

This is a confusing time for us, let alone LittleHumans. Petit Pli has made a little comic to help out. "Why can’t I see my friends? Why can't I go to the playground? Why can’t I see my grandparent...
Hello World. Hello You.
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