*Capital at Risk

We are happy to share that we are crowdfunding! This is the first ever opportunity to invest in Petit Pli - limited shares available.

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From the very beginning, Petit Pli has been on a mission to reduce emissions & waste in the garment industry. For the next generation to have a sustainable future, giving up on this mission is not an option!

With your support our idea became a tangible reality. Petit Pli has grown into a passionate international community of users spanning over 60 countries.

But there is much more ahead of us and we would love for you to continue journeying with us to new horizons. 

The journey so far

It all started in 2016 when, as a new uncle, our Founder Ryan became frustrated by how quickly his newborn nephew Viggo outgrew garments & how much waste his speedy growth created. We have achieved some incredible milestones along the way: 


Since winning the UK James Dyson Award in 2017, Petit Pli has grown into a global brand, known for a slow approach to design through pairing innovation and sustainability. 

Petit Pli’s innovative and circular approach has been recognised by prestigious awarding bodies in fields spanning design, engineering and fashion. These include the UK James Dyson Award, Red Dot Design Award, H&M Global Change AwardDezeen Award for Best Wearable Design and TIME. 


Our shareholders include the institutions above, so you know you'll be in good company! Petit Pli is passionate about pairing innovation with sustainability to realise the solutions of tomorrow. 


Which is why Petit Pli is partnered with a manufacturer in Portugal which is certified 100% green energy, manufacturing efficiently using energy from water, the sun, wind & biomass. Our existing Institutional shareholders are well aligned with our mission, you’ll be joining The Royal College of Art, Sky Ocean Ventures and Sustainable Ventures.



With  support from you, our growing community of users our idea became a tangible reality. Petit Pli has grown into a passionate international community of users spanning over 60 countries.


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We have LittleHumans wearing our designs as far as Sydney and as close as Hackney! While our Tall Humans have journeyed with their MSKs on ascenets to the Alps and exciting descents to their local supermarkets in cities spanning London, LA and New York and many more.


Petit Pli’s rapid growth is a testament to its young, agile interdisciplinary team - strategically chosen, to support Petit Pli’s short-term growth & to actualise its major vision; to clothe the future of humanity all starting with the next generation.

Our wearable technology is developed in-house by Petit Pli’s team of aerospace engineers, product and fashion designers and sociologists.




We are really excited about the future. We’ve re-invented childrenswear and pushed the limits of what reusable face coverings can do, but there is so much more ahead.

From a brand perspective, we next plan on increasing our physical presence in the UK and USA! Along with expanding our range to include designs specifically engineered for adults and exploring new applications of our patent-accepted IP. But, fundamentally Petit Pli is a foundational material innovation that we have commercialised & implemented to benefit individuals & humanity today; and will collaborate to find other applications with with our technology can bring value to. A bit like Gore.

If you are interested, register your interest to receive an invitation to invest in the round. Limited shares are available.




We are now live! Click here to invest.



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* Capital at risk

Investing in start-ups and early stage businesses involves risks, including illiquidity, lack of dividends, loss of investment and dilution, and it should be done only as part of a diversified portfolio. Crowdcube is targeted exclusively at investors who are sufficiently sophisticated to understand these risks and make their own investment decisions. You will only be able to invest via Crowdcube once you are registered as sufficiently sophisticated. Please click here to read the full Risk Warning.



Crowdfunding gives you the opportunity to invest in private companies. You can own a part of Petit Pli.

Investing in the future, for the future

We raised capital in 2019 from Sky Ocean Ventures. Since then we have completely proven our technologies' differing applications, our determination & agility. We want to grow to the next level by including our community of users as shareholders, because quite frankly you got us here.

The pandemic has been an incredibly challenging period for the entire retail and garment industry. However, interest in sustainability and purpose driven companies within retail has never been higher. This boom, together with Petit Pli’s ability to adapt to a challenging and rapidly changing climate accelerated Petit Pli’s growth in 2020.

Crowdcube is a company that enables crowdfunding, i.e. empowers individual investors to invest and hold shares in private companies. They have successfully processed crowdfunding raises for many notable startups and companies including Monzo, Finisterre, BrewDog, Nutmeg and more. We know Crowdcube well as we have gone through their selective Collective Impact Programme. Learn more at crowdcube.com and set up an account so you are ready to invest.

1. Register with your email on this page so we can update you on next steps.
2. After registering, go to crowdcube.com and create an account there, as this is where the investment will take place once the crowdfunding goes live.
3. We will reach out over email with further details.

You can invest if you are over 18, subject to local regulations.
European jurisdictions have a range of different limits on how much can be invested through crowdcube.com, and these are allocated on a first come, first served basis. The platform will automatically prevent you from investing if the limit for your country has been reached.
Investors from the US, Canada, or Japan are unfortunately may not able to invest small amounts due to local restrictions. Please contact us if you are interested in investing larger tickets above $5,000.
Additional restrictions may apply in other countries, so please check your local regulations.

Our investors include the world’s leading sustainable funds including Sustainable Ventures, Sky Ocean Ventures, and The Royal College of Art. You will be in out of this world company.

You may get a return through an IPO, sale or merger of Petit Pli - such as if Petit Pli is bought by a larger company for a strategic advantage; or if Petit Pli starts paying dividends. Additionally, there may be opportunity for secondary sales in future financing rounds. However please be aware that investing in startups is risky. Shares in Petit Pli are illiquid and none of these outcomes are guaranteed. You may lose your investment if the company is unsuccessful and/or if there is no opportunity to sell your shares.

The crowdfunding will go live soon. Please register so that we can inform you by email of the exact date, minute and second it launches! You will be given a private early access link to the campaign if you register. 🚀