We're designing the future and
need your help!

From 3rd September to 27th October Petit Pli will be popping up at 88 Regent Street.

To celebrate we’re running Petit Challenges for LittleHumans up to school leavers, in association with the Institut auf dem Rosenberg. Entries will be showcased online, and the best submissions will be displayed in our pop-up space and shared on our social media.


Here’s a quick overview and you can find the full details below.

Under 11s

Create a piece of art that shows how you feel about your clothing.
We’d like to get children thinking about all the clothing they have, seeing it as having a value and not just as a pile of clothes.


> Create a new invention or innovation that could be the clothing of the future.
We’d like you to think about the future of clothing and how we can make it more sustainable. 

Able writers

in partnership with Letters to the Earth:
> Write your letter to the earth.
We want to hear your visions, stories and messages for a better world.

Submit your creation: take a photo and share it either via email - info@petitpli.com or social media and tag @petit.pli

Under 11s

Inspired by Kate Fletcher’s Earth Logic Workshop

The Challenge: Create a picture of how clothes make you feel.
Do you have favourite trousers that make you feel super confident, or a dress that reminds you of parties, or perhaps a jumper that someone gave you and whenever you wear it you think of them. Your picture can be painted, drawn, have things stuck on it, even writing, wherever your imagination takes you. 

How to submit: take a photo of your artwork and share it either via email - info@petitpli.com or social media and tag @petit.pli

Getting started:
Talk about your clothing and what’s in your wardrobe or drawers. Do you have a lot of items, or only a few? Do you wear them all? And do you have some that are your favourites or that you don’t wear at all? Perhaps there’s one item that you love more than the others? If that makes you feel happy, then you could talk about what happy feels like and what it could look like. Or maybe it belonged to someone else before you, like a big sister or brother and you could imagine how they felt wearing it. 

Further questions for adults / teachers to ask: You can also think about why you choose the clothes you choose? (eg brand, colour, because your friends wear them). Do you think the way you choose your clothing will change as you get older (eg thinking about where it came from or who made it)?

Materials needed:
_Paper: any size
_Pens, pencils, crayons 
_And / or other materials that can be stuck on or used in some way 

11 years old to school leavers

The Challenge: It’s the year 2221 and clothing is now made from brand new materials and in new ways. As resources have become more scarce, humans have created clothing that lasts much longer, and often has many purposes. We’d like you to create a new invention or innovation that could be the clothing of the future or help to create it in a more sustainable way.

Getting Started:
Find out what materials use most of the earth’s resources, and what materials / products are being used instead? Is there anything we can do with second-hand clothing, or are there items of clothing that don’t exist yet that could solve lots of problems (for instance clothing that grows so if you change size, it still fits you)? Are there other ways of making clothes that don’t exist now? Visit the BFFT website for inspiration: https://bftt.org.uk/  

Materials needed:
Anything you have access to that can help you to create your vision of the future. This could simply be a drawing, or if you want to create something from material then that’s great too.

Able Writers: Letters To The Earth


We’ve partnered with Letters to the Earth to ask students to write their letter to the earth. Letters will be showcased on the Petit Pli website and social channels, and printed out and displayed in our Concept Store on Regent Street. They’ll also be shown to world leaders at COP26.

How to Submit (please note the submission for this is different from the other two challenges)

Submit your letters digitally via the link below, and upload socially using #LettersToTheEarth and #PetitPli. https://www.letterstotheearth.com/submit-your-letter

Please remember to tag Petit Pli so that we can showcase your letters in store.

When the future feels so uncertain, how can we move forwards with vision, courage and care? Writing a Letter is an opportunity to bring all your fears, your frustrations, and your love to process what is happening to the world and to create something new. What world you are dreaming of?

Your Letter can be written to or from anything - another species, a person or moment in time. It could be the Earth, the future, a person in a position of power, the sea, an animal. It's an opportunity to be creative. It can be a letter, or it can be something poetic, or dramatic. It can also be a drawing or another form of art if that's how you'd like to express yourself. We want to hear your visions, stories and messages for a better world. A world where our collective and planetary well-being is placed front and centre. Because what you have to say might just help us get there. 

Take a moment. Put pen to paper. And write.

The education toolkit is here: https://www.letterstotheearth.com/community-education