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Print 06 - Fractal

Print 06 is our first design inspired by the fantastical world of fractals.

Fractals are never-ending repeating patterns, appearing similar across macro and micro scales. Print 06 expands to mirror & replicate the growth of Petit Pli’s patented structure to highlight and celebrate fractal pattern of growth Tiny and Mini Humans assume.

The pattern is designed to hide dirt and spillages - using the function of colour & texture to improve durability. Each piece is unique.

All Print XX garments are designed to perfectly pair with Petit Pli’s block colour garment series.

GRIP: Silicone grippers to maintain fit
ADAPT: Adjustment tabs on the waist, ankles & wrists for security
FABRIC: Tear-resistant & technical ripstop made from recycled bottles
LABELS: Transfer labels, no itchy label syndrome
VERSATILE: Breathable, lightweight, rainproof
 DWR coating               
SIZING: For MiniHuman (9m-4y) the trouser legs expand from 38cm-78cm and the body of the pullover from 26cm-52cm

1. Can Print 06 garments be washed in the machine?

Yes! The garments are easy to care for. A cold, gentle machine wash will take the best care of Petit Pli’s fabric and the planet.

For more information check the product care page.

2. Is the material accredited?


A. We use Oeko-tex certified approved fabrics for your LittleHumans to explore the world carefree.

B. We have Bluesign accreditation for recycled bottle usage. 

C. We use a biodegradable water & stain repellant coating. 

3. Do the garments really last?

Yes! Ahead of selling our garments in 2019, here on petitpli.com, we tested them the design and materials with 100 LittleHumans around the world. LittleHuman testers were based in 27 countries in total. Our beta test sets were pushed to their limit for an entire year, in countries as cold as Canada and as hot as Singapore. Through user feedback we landed on a material that could perform and live in the world of a LittleHuman - regardless of climate! 

The garments are made from a very strong fabric called ripstop.  It's so strong that it's even used it parachutes.  Read more about what goes into our Little Human clothing here.

Any questions which aren't here? Zoom them to care@petitpli.com


Zero waste packaging inspired by our origami designs and a fun activity for your LittleHuman.

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Our patented designs are only available direct from Petit Pli. So, we ship to most of the globe.

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A cold, gentle machine cycle will take the best care of your Petit Pli garment. Learn more.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews
Irene Maffini
We just love it so much! <3

I bought 2 suits (in cosmic green and blue) - one for my daughter and one for my niece (almost) one year ago (and they still look the same) and we just love them so much. I keep our suit in my daughter's bag all the time, and love it because it is so versatile - I put it on the top of whatever she is wearing across seasons. In spring/summer she might just wear it on its own. She loves it and everyone notices it - when I explain that it is made of 100% ocean plastic bottles and that the suit grows across 7 sizes everyone is amazed :-) Well done Petit Pli team!

Ricarda Wolf
Großartig – absolut Empfehlenswert

Als Designerin und passionierte Sportlerin, habe ich meine ästhetischen und funktionellen Erwartungen an Kleidung. Als Mutter weiß ich wie schnell unser kleiner Erforscher wächst und wie wild es bei all den aufregenden Abendteuern zugehen kann. Mit seinem Petit Pli Set hat unser Kleiner endlich ein Outfit dass nicht nur bis ins letzte Detail mit viel Aufmerksamkeit und Verständnis designed wurde sondern auch eines dass viele Jahre passen wird und die Idee von Nachhaltigkeit dadurch von einem ganz neuen Winkel aus beleuchtet.

Peter Babos
Just the unpacking

Little Sara is only 3 months old by us so she still has to grow into the starting size. All i can write in my review is the unpackaging and how environment friendly it made us feel doing so. The fact that we didnt put anything into our garbage bin after a package came to us made a real impact by us. We love the whole concept sofar and we hope that Sara will love it as well.
Kepp on the good work :)

Julia Morandeira
Gala’s Suit

We really love P P’s clothes: they are light, versatile and look great! The only thing to point out is that sometimes, when worn, it takes time for the fabric to get back in shape and looks a bit amorphous. But otherwise, it is all fantastic

So cool! But pleat edges are a bit stiff

I bought my 2 year old a set but he complains that it feels scratchy. I felt inside and I think what he is referring to are the edges of the pleats, they are a bit stiff. I think once he grows a bit and the pleats stretch out the edges will soften. The quality is lovely, the design is super cool.. I'd LOVE a pair for myself!