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Petit Pli enters fashion tech network Define project



Stronger Together ! 

Fellow Earth Inhabitants, 

We are pleased to share with our community that we have been selected to receive mentorship through the DeFINE project! 

DeFINE (Developing a Fashion-tech Innovation Network for Europe) - is a 3 year (2018-1021) project in partnership and co-financed by the European Commission’s COSME programme, which backs the combination of cutting-edge technologies and innovation with the European fashion and design industries.  

Next to us other selections includes: 

Tinker design - Tinker design has combined cutting edge technology with artisan craft to produce soles to address health, wellness and comfort.

Senstile - intents on bringing more transparency to the fashion industry using innovative tech, they came up with an intelligent sensor which can catch the physical characteristics of textiles beyond the plain image. The captured dataset is later uploaded to the cloud, letting designers comprehend how a fabric feels without having to touch it.  

IL3X - They create digital clothes to be worn in digital spheres, like Tiktok, Instagram and Snapchat.

Studio HILO  - a Berlin-based studio for digital textile innovation initiated an open-source HILO spinning machine and software for local yarn creation. 

We would also like to send our gratitude to Muchaneta Kapfunde - known for being fluent in fashion and with 14 years of experience, she is the founding editor-in-chief and WearableTechStylist of FashNerd.com.  

Click here to read more about the DeFINE project ! 

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