Print 12 features a beautiful and unique design inspired by the manta ray's appearance and habits. The print showcases the large and flat body of the manta ray with its long pectoral fins. The design captures the essence of the manta ray's Spanish name, meaning blanket or cloak, by using bold shapes and lines that mimic the animal's distinctive appearance. We collaborated with Petra Eriksson to create Print 12. Petra’s style exudes bright colors and a mix of organic and graphic shapes in her characters. At school, Petra studied colour theory and the heritage of that understanding is clear in her works. Speaking on her experience of the process of designing print for Clothes That Grow, childrenswear, Petra told us “I really enjoyed the process of seeing the pattern transferred to the fabric and seeing how the folding changes the shapes and expression of the artwork, making it even more abstract.” Here’s more of what Petra had to share when we interviewed her:


Tell us about your print and illustrations for Petit Pli
My illustration is of a fever of mantas/rays swimming through the ocean, simply called Fever Ray (as one of my favorite artists as well). These past couple of years I've been drawing a lot of animals but I am specifically drawn to animals that swim or fly as I like working with their shapes flying/floating through the air or water. In this specific piece I just wanted to enjoy the process of playing with their shapes, making them fairly abstract and letting some of them drift of an almost disappear into the background.

Do you remember how you saw the world when you were a LittleHuman?

I was a very shy kid and I have always been an introverted person so a bit part of my childhood was spent drawing, reading or creating imaginary worlds in my head. I spent a lot of time observing the world and then trying to make sense of it on a piece of paper. I often tried to escape reality, disappearing into my own head and making up a parallel universe that was more colorful and exciting.

Do you have any advice to share with LittleHumans interested in following art or becoming printmakers?

Spend your time doing the things that make your heart happy. Create things that tickle your brain and never forget to play.

What have LittleHumans taught you? Have they changed you as a person / artist?

I feel like LittleHumans are great at giving perspective on things and making me focus on what is truly important in life. As you grow up it's easy to get absorbed by the "musts" and the "shoulds" of day to day life but little humans remind me to be playful and to question why and how we do things.


Have you seen any recent innovations or inspirations that have caught your eye?

I've been looking in awe at these new photos of space from the James Webb telescope. They are so beautiful and inspiring!
Do you have any local recommendations for where you are based?
I am based in Eindhoven, Belgium. I highly recommend Residency For The People. It's my favourite restaurant bar in the city with a nice relaxed, creative vibe. I love a place with a short menu but where everything on there is great. It's the perfect spot for having a cocktail, sharing some flavourful dumplings with a friend and meeting other creative people. 
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