We are so excited to launch Print 14Print 14 is a testament to the boundless creativity that emerges when different forms of art collide. This collection seamlessly blends art, fashion, and literature to create a unique and visually stunning range of children's wear. It's a wearable masterpiece that allows your child to carry a piece of the jungle's enchantment with them wherever they go.
Katerina Bielobrova's artistry brings to life the vibrant world of Rudyard Kipling's timeless tale. Through this limited-edition print, we've captured the essence of the jungle's lush beauty and its unforgettable characters. It's a celebration of nature, adventure, and the enduring spirit of Mowgli - one of our favourite LittleHumans from literature.


Kat's artistic journey began in Kyiv, Ukraine, where she grew up in a family of performers. Her parents owned a small theatre, immersing her in creativity and art from a young age.

Early on, Kat helped design sets and develop concepts for the theatre, shaping her future as an artist. She studied graphic design, then moved to Poland for further education. Her dedication led her to seize every opportunity, building a valuable network in her artistic odyssey. 

We loved collaborating with her to create Print 14! 

LittleHuman Bare Necessity

Here's the scoop: forget about rules in art; they're like unicorns, they don't exist! Especially for the LittleHumans, just let them run wild and express themselves in the wackiest ways possible. Those childhood experiments might just turn out to be the secret sauce for their future in the art world!


 Mowgli: The Enduring Spirit

At the heart of this collection is Mowgli, the spirited young boy who grew up in the jungle. His courage, curiosity, and resilience serve as an inspiration for children everywhere. Through Print 14, we hope to instil these qualities in your LittleHumans as they embark on their own adventures, both in the wild and in their everyday lives.

Print 14 launches on Saturday 30th September 2023 on


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