Passion and Possibility


Anna wearing Petit Pli Mask in Polar Blue

We are beyond lucky to have a community of Humans Little and Tall who are as brave as they are bold. And we can’t wait until we can all start seeing each other and sharing our stories in real life!


Until then, we want to share your stories, perspectives and adventures on Planet Earth here in Petit Portraits. Today, we would like you to join us as we travel to Zurich to hear from TallHuman Anne an entrepreneur and chemistry wizz 👩‍🔬 on a mission to make the outdoor clothing sustainable! 


1. What do you do?


I’m a chemical engineer and co-founder of a startup called Dimpora technology. We develop sustainable, functional membranes for the outdoor textile industry. I am very proud of what we (my co-founder Mario and I) have accomplished so far. It’s a bumpy road, but it’s our road.


2. What is an average day like?


50% emails, 30% calls, 15% team and 5% coffee. I’m hoping there will be more lunch and less for emails soon!


3. What has been a window of joy for you during the pandemic?


My new corona hobby is origami! I’ve surprised myself with the patience and care I owe to the waif objects I create. All my friends and family are swimming in origami gifts. I can’t stop folding!


4. What does sustainability mean to you?


For me it’s an approach. I grew up with parents - my mother mainly, who were aware of their impact. But, it was only until I became a Phd student that I realised my job could match a way of life.


5. If you could go back in time speak to your Little Human self what would you say?


This may sound cheesy, but I would tell myself that where there is passion there is possibility, nothing is too difficult. Also, listen to my mother more!


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