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The world’s first climate positive period brand, that’s quite the accolade! Co-founder of DAME, alongside Celia Pool, Alec Mills is a friend of Petit Pli. He’s also a parent to 4 LittleHumans (in his own words: 'Goodbye invitations!'). In our words: Clothes that Grow childrenswear could come in handy for the Mills family!

Like us, DAME identified an industry needing innovation and a 21st century re-think, we first met as winners of the Dezeen Awards in 2018 (pictured above). DAME are out to smash taboos on a topic that is fundamental to all human life, all the while unlocking superior sustainability. DAME work to ensure that people with periods everywhere have access to better products, education and resources. So far, they’ve also saved over 12 million plastic applicators from going to landfill.

Based in London and brimming with fun activities for kids, we spoke to Alec about his thoughts and recommendations for the Petit Pli community. We particularly loved the words of advice he’d give to his LitlteHumans, we reckon they strongly apply to us all! Standby for Alec’s 5 Things:

1. Ain't no mountain high enough

There's an awesome climbing gym in Earlsfield where I take the children. It's called The Font. There's always good music in there, collaborative vibe, and clinging to the wall is a guaranteed way to clear your mind.

2. Eyes & Ears

Craft-based activities that require building are a guaranteed win. Kiwi Box do a cool monthly delivery for different ages. There's also nothing better than an old school walkman off Ebay.

3. No Fiction

I'm deeply non-fiction biased, two books I've enjoyed recently are Anya Hindmarch's biography 'If In Doubt Wash Your Hair' and 'A Rolling Stone' by Geordie Stewart, a friend of mine who biked across Asia and wrote a very egoless and honest account of his reasons for doing so, and learnings along the way.

4. LittleHuman Advice

Do what makes you happy. Be kind. Trust your instincts. Don't wake me up early on weekends.

5. DAME Acclaim

Our new product launch happened in July - we've created the world's most comfortable period pants and are excited to get them out there. You can join the waitlist!

Thank you, Alec, for your time, your wonderful work and wise words.

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