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Petit Pli is on a mission to reduce emissions & waste in the garment industry. For the next generation to have a sustainable future, giving up on this mission is not an option!

It all started when Viggo was born. His uncle Ryan bought him a garment, but by the time it arrived, Viggo was too big! This served as a signal: childrenswear today fails to recognise growth spurts of Earth's LittleHumans. Having engineered origami panels for outer space satellites, Ryan began working on clothes that grow with Viggo.

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From 2022 to 2024

After closing our funding round in 2022, we entered a paid collaboration with Renault Mobilize, exploring the application of our patents to alternative uses. This collaboration paved the way for our strategy around B2B partnerships, licensing, and consulting, demonstrating the scalable potential of Petit Pli’s intellectual property - a long term goal of the company. We also expanded our product lines, introducing waterproof bottoms and bags, highlighting the versatility and future potential of Petit Pli beyond essential adult face masks. We proudly opened our flagship store in the iconic Battersea Power Station, thriving in a challenging retail environment and attracting significant attention. To date, we’ve welcomed over 190,000 visitors, providing an opportunity to meet many of you face-to-face.

Since 2023, we have scaled our maternity wear, won Amazon’s European Startup of the Year, developed over 20 artist collaborations, and created costumes for two films produced by Netflix and Disney - both yet to be released. Notable milestones include the opening of the Young V&A, featuring the Petit Pli exhibit, and launching wholesale operations in Japan.

In 2024, our focus remains on leveraging opportunities that promise the best return on investment in the short to medium term, primarily by scaling the adoption of our existing innovations. We’ve also completed R&D on our next major product line, the merino wool Knot-Tile. By blending sales channels across direct-to-consumer and wholesale, we aim to significantly increase Petit Pli’s brand awareness while educating users and offering firsthand & physical experiences of our diverse range of growing textile options.



A story of innovation and impact

What began as a university project in 2017 quickly evolved into a groundbreaking reality poised to make a significant impact. In 2018, we secured £150k in investment, enabling us to build a strong team, establish a local supply chain, and kickstart production. We launched our beta run in London, which was oversubscribed and sold out within a weekend, signalling the start of something extraordinary.

In 2019 we partnered with industry leaders like Petratex, a world-class factory powered by renewable energy, our mission was set in motion. That same year, we won the Global Change Award and were featured by Nike as a best-in-class example of versatile garment design at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit.

In the summer of 2019, we launched our new e-commerce store, delivering our innovative products directly to families worldwide. Despite the challenges of the pandemic in 2020, our agile team adapted by creating the Petit Pli Mask, recognised as one of Time Magazine's best inventions of 2020. We continued to enhance our core product, Clothes That Grow, preparing for expansion as economies & supply chains began to recover.

At the close of 2021, we embarked on our Equity for LittleHumans Campaign with a £150k target. Thanks to the overwhelming support from our incredible community, we raised over £850k, far exceeding our expectations and allowing us to recalibrate our growth plans for an even brighter future.


183 Million unused garments per year in the UK alone.

Did you know children grow 7 sizes in their first 2 years on Earth? This leads to a huge amount of wasted resources. Over 180 million pieces of childrens clothing go to waste, unused, every year in the UK alone, for a country with a birthrate of 700,000, the amount of waste is enormous. 

When tallied up against the birthrates of the US, EU & Japan - with a sum of 9 million children born every year. The potential for positive impact is huge.


To maintain our growth momentum and expand within the childrenswear market, we have developed a range of material applications to create a modular system of children's clothing suitable for any weather conditions. Our R&D efforts have allowed us to enhance our patents and develop waterproof, breathable, and versatile layers. A key customer demand was for natural fibres in skin-contact layers, leading us to create Knot-tile after two years of research. This innovation enables us to manufacture "Clothes That Grow" using merino wool. With these advancements in materials and designs, we are perfectly positioned for scaling up.







We explored various ranges and accessories, and moving forward have decided to concentrate on expanding our core product line: childrenswear. Since our launch in 2018, Petit Pli's childrenswear sales have grown at an impressive 65% CAGR, significantly outpacing the overall children's wear market's growth rate of 6.8% CAGR​ (Future Insights)​.

Despite the economic challenges in the UK over the past two years, we remain confident in our strategy. As inflation decreases and the economy recovers following the recession in late 2023, we are well-positioned to approach wholesalers and distributors. We bring an arsenal of fantastic products, an incredible community, and valuable insights gained from running our own store.


CO2 estimated saved

Bottles upcycled into raw material for CTG

Garments prevented from being bought


Petit Pli’s rapid growth is a testament to its agile interdisciplinary team - strategically chosen, to support Petit Pli’s short-term growth & to actualise its major vision; to clothe the future of humanity all starting with the next generation. Our material technologies are developed in-house by Petit Pli’s team of engineers, product designers and sociologists.

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BG video zooming out from Viggo & Ronja into many LH's UGC

Petit Pli has established itself as a formidable brand, transcending mere material innovation to become a beacon of purpose and vision. Our commitment goes beyond creating revolutionary products; we are dedicated to clearly communicating our mission to foster a better world for the next generation. Each fold and design in our creations reflects our profound responsibility to sustainability and future generations. We don’t take this lightly.

At Petit Pli, we’re driven by a deep-seated belief that every child deserves to grow up in a world where innovation and environmental stewardship go hand in hand. Our brand stands as a testament to this unwavering commitment, setting a new standard for purposeful innovation in the industry. We're proud to have such a strong community as a result of this vision.


2017 UK James Dyson Award
2018 Dezeen Award for Best Wearable Design: Beating major competitors, including Google.
2019 Red Dot Product Design Award
2019 H&M Global Change Award: Supporting sustainable fashion innovations.
Fast Company’s 100 World Changing Ideas: Honoring impactful global innovations.
TIME Magazine’s Best Invention of 2020: For the MSK expandable, reusable face mask.
2022 Amazon Most Innovative EU Startup
2022 Flagship Store opens in Battersea Power Station


The global kids' apparel market was valued at approximately $200.03 billion in 2023 and is expected to reach $386.19 billion by 2033, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.8%​ (Future Insights)​.

The sustainable children’s clothing segment is witnessing significant growth, driven by increasing consumer awareness and demand for sustainable products​ (Fortune Business Insights)​.


Short Term:
We are set to accelerate the adoption of Petit Pli’s designs through a blend of digital and physical outreach. By combining wholesale channels with direct-to-consumer sales, we will maximise our reach and enhance product education while keeping marketing costs in check. Over the last two years, we have experimented with a wide range of channels, identifying both successful and less effective outreach strategies. Now, we are poised to scale the successful approaches to reach a broader audience. By combining physical and traditional marketing with digital strategies, we aim to competitivley maximise our reach.

This raise will take us beyond break-even, allowing us to allocate a majority of the funds to support working capital and growth to ensure we can fulfill orders. On account of developing our unique patented designs, Petit Pli benefits from a reduced corporation tax rate of 10% on profits from all revenue generated by our patent, this is a core pillar of our strategy to efficiently scale.

Long Term: Petit Pli's patent portfolio presents significant future opportunities that can be leveraged for growth and innovation across multiple sectors. Petit Pli has already begun developing key areas to can capitalise on its patented technologies, including consulting projects with Renault Mobilize, uniform applications for the construction industry and sportswear applications. These are all projects which hold huge scaling potential and will be re-visited when Petit Pli's already-commercialised applications are profitably growing.


Join our shareholders alongside impact driven funds: Sustainabe Ventures; Sky Ocean Ventures; InnovatinRCA; Eden Impact Fund; Index Project Fund.