The Book of Me You | Turning Moments into Memories this Father’s Day

Moments are important. They mark critical points that shape your future and who you are. As a parent, these moments are precious — for both you and your child.

Here at Petit Pli, we want you to turn these moments into memories. Just like in our Book of Me & You, we want you to be able to have a space to record all of your special moments with your MiniHuman.

That’s why for Father’s Day this year we’re celebrating by sharing how you can turn moments into memories for your kids.

The Book of Me & You

Petit Pli recently introduced The Book of Me & You — a logbook to jot down all of the special moments between you and your child, grandchild, niece, nephew — you name it!

Through this logbook, we hope that you have a place where you can record all of the special moments with your MiniHumans to look back on. As we’ve said, moments are important, and we certainly don’t want them to be forgotten.


How One Dad is Turning Moments into Memories

Petit Pli recently came into contact with dad: Brian Nguyen. As a full-time worker and parent, Brian was driven to find a way to still be able to create magical moments with his kids despite his rather busy schedule.

With the simple words of wisdom to “just start,” this past year he decided to create a YouTube channel entitled: Dadee. Brian explained that he is a father to two kids, but when he cooks for them, he feels like their daddy (da-dee), hence the name for his channel: an anecdote that we thought was too precious not to share.


So, what is this YouTube channel Brian created? He decided to combine his love of cooking and being a dad by creating a channel where he cooks different meals for his two kids and gets their reactions. Brian hopes that through this digital memory book, his kids are able to have a place to look back on to see memories from their childhood. He also expressed that making this channel has helped him to become more present during these special moments with his kids. With Dadee, Brian is creating a digital version of The Book of Me & You.

Petit Pli: Turning Moments into Memories

Life can go by in the blink of an eye and we don’t want any special moment to be taken for granted. Just like Brian is turning a digital memory book for his kids, we hope that you find inspiration to do the same! Whether that’s through the Book of Me & You (a perfect Father’s Day gift) or something similar, Petit Pli wants to ensure that as parents, you can create memories to last a lifetime.


From us at Petit Pli, Happy Father’s Day!

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