A sustainable childrenswear revolution.

A Petit Pli garment grows from 9 months to 4 years using patent-pending technology developed in-house. Made from recycled water bottles.


Petit Pli's suits have been engineered to be breathable, lightweight and rainproof. The expanding structure allows for unrivalled freedom of movement & enable LittleHumans to journey & summit outdoor dreamscapes and trees with ease. The latest collection, VC-2.1 features the same soft recycled fabric that children loved in VC-2.0, with improved performance and new colours.

Award Winning Design

With our diverse recognition - winning awards spanning design, engineering, fashion and innovation, Petit Pli is currently at the forefront of wearables, technology and sustainability.

Our mission

Each year £140 million worth of clothing enters landfill

Fashion’s negative effects are far reaching and impact every single human on our planet! 

Petit Pli was born from a desire to change and slow down the garment industry for the better. Our vision for the future is a sustainable garment industry, where resources are used efficiently and with low environmental impact.

Petit Pli is designing for the future of humanity, starting with the next generation.


The concept of Petit Pli is built upon using materials sustainably. Petit Pli's designs significantly reduce waste and CO2 emissions at the point of production, distribution and after purchase. Our garments grow up to 7 sizes – that’s 1 Petit Pli garment purchased in place of 7 traditional ones.

Petit Pli suits are made from recycled plastic bottles & are easier to recycle at the end of their use. Along with this, we’ve partnered with a manufacturer in Portugal that derives 30% of their energy from solar panels.

Through its approach towards sustainability, Petit Pli hopes to instil slow-fashion values in growing children by inspiring them to value longevity and innovation in some of the most intimate products in our lives - clothes!



"In our ever expaaaanding universe, attractive forces bring together thoughts, ideas & people. These forces are so strong, that even opposing forces stick together like magnets. In Petit Pli’s universe a similar phenomena has been observed… In the dark of night, sleeping C-2.0 Bottoms jump out of their boxes to anneal with C-2.0 Pullovers - of every colour! Our mission control centre have classified these powerful, mix-match behaving garments as bundles."

Mix & match suits are now available.

Just add any Pullover & Bottom colour combination and the set bundle price will be reflected at the checkout.