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A sustainable childrenswear revolution.
Fig 1. Petit Pli grows from 9 months to 4 years.

“You’ll grow into it!”

Every LittleHuman has heard these fear-inducing words. So we decided to collide engineering with fashion to create soft and strong childrenswear that grows! Made from recycled bottles and our signature patent-pending growth technology, Petit Pli is perhaps the most sustainable childrenswear in the world.

Children grow, it’s time their clothes did too!


Whether creating pillow dens at home or exploring the great outdoors, Petit Pli is designed to be worn everyday to protect in style & comfort.

Each garment has been designed and tested for longevity - featuring durable ripstop technical weaves, reinforced knee patches and stain repellent finishes. Explore confidently, knowing our testing involved 100 LittleHumans around the world in varying climates! 

Fig 2. Mission Control Centre in London, UK

Award Winning Design

With our diverse recognition - winning awards spanning design, engineering, fashion and innovation, Petit Pli is currently at the forefront of wearables, technology and sustainability.


Fashion's negative effects are far reaching and impact every single human on our planet! The carbon footprint resulting from producing a children's jacket is roughly the same as producing an adults jacket ~ 10kgCO2. But there’s a key difference, children outgrow their clothes in a matter of a couple of months, spanning 7 sizes in just two years! Not to mention all the gifts that never fit & end up in storage.

By engineering clothes that grow using renewable energy & recycled materials we reduce ~69 kgCO2 per set. Since 2017, we've up-cycled approximately 12,841 PET bottles through our manufacturing process. Want to learn more? Click here.