Petit Pli creates clothes that grow.

Petit Pli constructs the most advanced technical children’s clothing in the world. Petit Pli’s recycled, versatile & rainproof garments are embedded with a patent pending structure that allows them to grow bi-directionally to custom fit children from 9 months to 4 years of age. Petit Pli's designs are a desirable way to be sustainable & encourage sustainable values in the next generation.


Petit Pli is proud to have been recognised among the design, fashion and engineering industries for it's innovative take on wearable tech of the future, today.



The concept of Petit Pli is built upon using materials sustainably. Petit Pli's designs significantly reduce waste and CO2 emissions at the point of production, distribution and after purchase. Our garments grow up to 7 sizes – that’s 1 Petit Pli garment purchased in place of 7 traditional ones.

Petit Pli suits are made from recycled fabrics & have a monofibre construction. Along with this, we’ve partnered with a manufacturer in Portugal that derives 30% of their energy from solar panels.

Through its approach towards sustainability, Petit Pli hopes to instil slow-fashion values in growing children by inspiring them to value longevity and innovation in some of the most intimate products our lives - clothes!