Ready for Liftoff

Over the past year, we have been hard at work testing and experimenting with a range of designs and fabrics. We have built an entire supply chain from the ground up, exhibited at design shows globally and won prestigious awards.

All our hard work has paid off! We are excited to announce the launch of our LittleHumans Pioneer Programme.

Clothes that grow.

From 9 months to 4 years.


We are releasing a limited run of 100 garments to those who join the LittleHumans Pioneer Programme. All programme members gain access to the first-ever Petit Pli garments months before we release them to the public.

For a one-off fee:

  1. 👨‍🚀👩‍🚀 Enlist in the Programme
  2. 🌍🌎 Receive your Petit Pli suit (months before the rest of the world)
  3. ✅📝Tell us what you love and what you want
  4. 👩‍🔬👨‍🔬 We’ll consider all of your valuable feedback and come up with the best possible updates
  5. 💌📮 We’ll send you the new designs free of charge, including the postage

If you are ready to make a valuable contribution to the future of Petit Pli, enlist today! We are looking for champions who embrace change.

Patent Pending
Expansion Technology

Our unique technology delivers high performance and sustainability.


Layer over a jumper in winter, and a T-shirt in summer.

Breathable Rainproof Coating

DWR rainproof coating offers breathable protection. You can easily re-proof the garment when necessary.


Easy to be prepared, whatever the weather.

Ripstop strength reinforcement

Reinforcement grid within fabric provides added strength to help it last.

3M Reflect

High visibility reflective tabs for added safety.


Our origami structure offers incomparable freedom of movement.

Enlisting Members

First Petit Pli Owners

Programme members will receive a top & pant that are the result of over 60 design iterations, months before they are publicly available.

Membership is limited to 100.

Feedback Contributions

Have the rare opportunity to steer the design & development of an innovation that will improve the future of the clothing industry.

Exclusive discounts

Programme members will gain exclusive access and discounts to all future products as a thank you for supporting us from day one.

The Future of Humanity

We are designing for the future of humanity. Starting with the next generation.

The concept of Petit Pli is built upon using materials resourcefully. Our garments grow up to 7 sizes – that’s 1 Petit Pli garment purchased in place of 7 traditional ones. This all amounts to less: material waste at production; labour; transportation (CO2 emissions) and waste at end of product life. Through its concept and sustainability, Petit Pli hopes to create Petit Pioneers, instilling slow-fashion values in growing children.

Enlist Now

Choose the colour of your matching top & pants. Complimentary tracked shipping within the EU is included.

Fits 9 months to 4 years.

Enlist for £125.00

Sorry, one or more colours are out of stock!
Be notified as soon as they become available again.

The "Petit Print"


We need your feedback to identify the features that you love and we should keep, as well as which features you’d like us to improve upon. We’ll request feedback after the first and second month. To receive your free co-designed suit, it is necessary that you substantially fill in the feedback form.


To ensure the best fit for your LittleHuman, we’ve implemented adjustable elastic and removable stitches as a failsafe.


Machine wash 30°C. Do not use fabric softener, as this will damage the DWR water-repellent coating. Don’t worry though, the coating can be easily replenished – this coating allows for maximum fabric breathability while still offering water repellency.

One is enough.

Limit one per household. We reserve the right to cancel your membership if you purchase multiple, sharing is caring!

Always supervise your LittleHuman. We’re in this together. Please help us make the world of fashion a little more innovative and a little less wasteful.

Why enlist?

We want your opinion! We’re striving to make the best garments for you and for our planet. Petit Pli was born out of a desire to change & slow down fashion for the better. Our sole aim is to offer superior garments, intelligently designed to reduce the strain on our environment.

Together, we can build a better future for our children.


Your clothes are made of synthetics, isn't this bad for my child?

Well, not quite, we're focussing on outerwear; a rain and wind proof outer shell. These synthetic garments are to be worn on top of natural layers and are designed to protect your child from rain and wind. Because the garments are designed to last long, we can use top-of-the-range durable & breathable fabrics.

Will the pleats fall out with use?

Our durable fabrics and the pleating process we've designed make the pleats hard wearing. We see children as extreme athletes and know that they will put Petit Pli to the test!

Will the pleats fall out when I wash them?

Our garments have been rigorously tested and designed to be machine washable, so they come out perfect! Wash at 30°C – it’s better for the environment too. To dry, just place on top of the drying rack, no ironing needed.

Why would I buy this when I can just buy traditional garments as my child grows?

The reason Petit Pli exists is to reduce the amount of unnecessary waste resulting from the fashion industry... If that's not enough to convince you, we've created outerwear that is just better! It's lightweight so you can put it in your pocket, it's rainproof and windproof to protect your child from the elements and it continuously adjusts its size so it wont be bulky or restrictive!

Aren't synthetics bad for the environment?

Petit Pli believes in using materials resourcefully and fit for purpose. The majority of rainwear in the world is made from synthetics, we're just providing a smarter way to use less of that material. Synthetics aren't the problem – overconsumption and waste of plastic is. Whilst we provide a way to slow down consumption, we will do all we can to find alternative materials.