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Engineered in London. Made in Portugal.
Engineered in London. Made in Portugal.
100% Merino Wool. Oekotex Natural Fibre.
100% Merino Wool. Oekotex Natural Fibre.
30 day returns policy from delivery.
30 day returns policy from delivery.

The BETA(X) range signals a Petit Pli research project made in limited quantities. If feedback is positive, the project progresses to the next stage. This ensures we do not overproduce and waste resources. We want to design the best garments possible for you, with you.

TECH-KNIT: Introducing Knot-Tile, a creation by Petit Pli. This innovative technique results in folded knots and tensions that hold shape. We can therefore utilise natural fibres, and use machinery that is in-part powered by renewable energy, and boasts a zero-waste approach with almost no leftover materials.

GROW: Elasticated waistband and hidden buttons for secure fit across sizes.

INSULATE: Wool offers exceptional insulation, providing warmth in cold environments and a cooling effect in warmer surroundings.

COMPOSITION: 100% Merino Wool and Oeko-tex certified approved fabrics for your LittleHuman to explore the world carefree. Wool is naturally biodegradable and stain & odour resistant. 



Wool possesses inherent stain, odour, and crease resistance, reducing the necessity for frequent washing. Everyday spills can be easily addressed with a damp cloth, and simply airing the garment overnight near an open window minimises the need for washing. Independent testing suggests washing a sweater vest approximately three times a year.

When washing becomes essential, opt for a cold and gentle cycle, and use a specialised wool detergent. Avoid common detergents containing enzymes, as they can break down the fibres and compromise the garment's quality.

Dry flat, do not tumble dry.

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Garment Inspiration

We’ve perfected water resistant outerwear and have had our sights on warmer layers for the cold months for a while. Our aim is to build a modular children's wardrobe that can be tweaked over the seasons and grow over the years.

Knot-tile is our answer, an expandable auxetic knotted structure made from 100% extra fine merino wool.

100% Merino Wool

Using 100% extra fine merino wool the Knot Tile™ Vest is an insulating layer designed for the colder months.

A comprehensive view of wool’s life cycle showcases its sustainable advantages, from being a natural carbon store to excelling in durability and recyclability.

Zero Waste... Almost

With Knot-Tile™, the novel manufacturing method allows us to design waste out of the process.

Only 2.8 grams of waste material results from manufacturing a single Knot-Tile Vest.

Material Technology

“You’d have to use elasticated fibres.” they said
“You wont be able to wash it.” they said
“No, it cannot be done!” they said
They said that the first time too.
But curiosity prevails.

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