Fellow Earth Inhabitant, 

The deep blue plays a major role in our everyday life, providing the majority of the oxygen we breathe. However, plastic pollution is threatening our oceans.

It is predicted by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. There is no silver bullet to solve plastic pollution. But there are hundreds of solutions, from sea to source; the difficulty is knowing where to start ⏯.

To celebrate World Oceans Day 🌊 , Petit Pli has teamed up with oceans advocate & sailor Emily Penn to help the next generation of ocean supporters - seafaring and beach bound, navigate the hundreds of solutions to tackle ocean plastic pollution, through the launching the SHiFT Platform today, 8/6/2020! 

Click here to surf the platform. Learn how you and your LittleHuman can help protect the ocean - without leaving land, by joining virtual classes on plastic pollution, learning how to garden plastic free and much more!

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