Petit Pli's MSK-erade.


Fellow Earth Inhabitant,

In 2017 Petit Pli began its childrenswear revolution. Since then, Petit Pli has focused on problem solving for Earth’s LittleHumans, until the MSK - developed during the Covid-19 lockdown - became our first ever commercially available design for adults. Since the beginning, Dezeen has covered our sustainable innovations, from initial student project, to awarding Petit Pli the Best Wearable Design of the Year in 2018, and then outlining the story of our Beta(MSK) after its launch in July 2020. Thank you Dezeen for supporting our mission from the start!


Petit Pli's MSK was engineered to compliment the change Covid-19 had on our habits, attitudes and way of thinking - while still embodying Petit Pli’s ethos of problem solving, sustainability & innovation. 

Each MSK has a versatile structure that has been engineered to trace the curvature of your face comfortably, with a secure, replaceable nose wire and internal filter pocket. Made from recycled bottles, the team at Petit Pli developed the face covering as a re-usable product, designed with a waste-reducing pattern and Petit Pli’s award-winning patent-pending structure. 


Why now?

Single-use plastic pollution has risen due to the worldwide demand for disposable PPE, threatening our oceans and marine life. Did you know humanity is at risk of having more masks than jellyfish in the Mediterranean sea? 🌊

The Petit Pli MSK is our solution to reducing waste and inspiring humanity to embrace reusable masks to save them from living on our ocean floors for 450 years.

Read more about what Dezeen had to say about our MSK here.

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