Haeckels Blue Mind Market


Collaboration and connection catalyses change. So, this Black Friday we are visiting our friends at Petit Pli is taking a trip to the seaside to Haeckels flagship store in Margate as part of their Blue Mind Market. 

Haeckels is a UK based sustainable skincare brand. We are huge fans of their products and design ethos. Team Haeckels is giving up their retail spaces on Black Friday ‘22 to amplify challenger, disruptive brands. We are thrilled to be amongst the independent brands being celebrated. 

Haeckels decided to empty their shelves, open their doors, and share their space all in an effort to make a positive change, by turning the idea of Black Friday on its head and supporting brands that are creating change through thoughtful intent. We were lucky to meet our fellow Blue Mind Market friends on November 21st - albeit digitally! Haeckels_Video_Chat


About Haeckels:

Since 2012, Haeckels has been making high-quality, locally-sourced skincare products. Their award winning collections are formed from the oxygen-rich, and vitamin-filled seaweed that grows on their doorstep. They thrive by giving back. Haeckels moves in flow with the ocean, protecting it from overfarming and pollution. Forefronting conservation work, they are a part of the 1% for the planet movement. You can even bring a bag of coastal Margate rubbish in exchange for a skincare product. They are champions of care, and detail.

About Blue Mind Market:  

For one day only, Haeckels’ curated selection will include brands specialising in: glass alchemy, ceramics built from found waste, and bespoke hand embroidery from skilled crafts workers from around the globe. We’ll be there with our Clothes that Grow, and some more recent designs!

Visit us near the fresh sea and air, to discover a whirlwind of ideas, innovations, and stories.

Safe Landing,

Team Petit Pli




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