Guardian: Origami inspired clothing that grow with your kids



Hello Earth Inhabitants, 

We recently learned that the Guardian reached 200 years old in May 2021.

That is a lot of candles to fit on a cake! 

 We were in awe and wonder to be included by the Guardian in their “Ethical and Green Living”  and in the “The Disruptors Small business”  blog section. 

The Guardian’s Ethical and Green Living blog contains tips on encouraging human beings to be more conscious about our planet and the natural surroundings. You can find articles from perceptions on micro plastics to explorations of concepts such as carbon offsetting and how it works, whilst “The Disruptors Small business” explores ideas and challenges faced by start up businesses. 

We can’t thank  Nicola Slawson and Rebecca Smithers enough for acknowledging and supporting our origami inspired clothing that seeks to support environmental sustainability through clothing humanity. 

Please use the links below to read the articles further:

Click here for the article on The Ethical and Green Living blog   

Click here for the article on The Disruptors Small business 



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