National Geographic: 5 innovations to change humanity’s view on waste


Petit Pli x National Geography


Fellow Earth Inhabitants, 

National Geographic has listed Petit Pli in an article amongst 5 UK innovations that may change Human beings' perception of waste. 

We are so proud to be featured by a magazine well-known for showing cute little animals, and the most talked about Bear Grylls’s not-so-yummilicious ways of hunting for supper! 

The article highlighted brands that have designed and innovated products which seek to stop plastic waste at the source. These brands were profiled as a part of the Sky Ocean Ventures - an initiative of grants, innovation challenges and occasions aimed at kicking out bad plastic habits ! 

Alongside Petit Pli, other brands seeking to tackle the planet’s waste crisis include : Notpla, Choose Water,FlexiHex,and Bagboard. These brands have been working from creating reusable tampons,  in-home digital readers to using biodegradable micro beads to help you see what can be recycled, and how. 

We are very pleased to have received support from National Geographic for our mission to responsibly cloth the next generation of humanity.  

You can click  on the link here to see how our friends are tackling plastic waste !


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