For the design of our latest print - Print 05, we collaborated with illustrator and industrial designer Sebastian König. Print 05 includes surreal characters, sourced from Sebastian’s notebooks scattered in his studio. The characters are a whimsical departure from the reality us TallHumans are all too aware of. We loved each of the characters print, we were compelled to understand what inspired them and in turn Sebastian's very own creative reality.

Read our Q&A below with Sebastian below:

1. Can you share the story behind the characters which feature in your print for Petit Pli?

The characters are part of an ongoing personal work series. Besides working on client work and more complex personal projects like zines and books I also work on ongoing series that play with visual twists. I start with scribbles of regular objects and then think about a change or quirk that adds a new idea to the illustration.

2. What unites all the characters in your mind?

For me, I think the figures together represent LittleHumans’ relationship and perception of the ‘real’ world.The series is both, training my drawing skills and having fun for me. On the one hand I like the moment the illustration surprises the viewer, but I also like the idea of creating a visually attractive drawing. What I love about my profession is to create new things out of the blue and build up my own universe of new ideas. The characters are part of that world where things are allowed to be different and unusual.

3. What was your process of incorporating the characters from your work? Is there one which you're sad to not make the cut? Do you have a favourite character ?

When I was choosing the characters for the pattern I was looking for illustrations that work well together regarding the topic, shape and pattern repetition. Also I liked the playfulness and the humour of the chosen drawings. I wanted the pattern to work well in detail as well from far away. Actually I really like the „ballerina-scissors“. I love the dynamic expressive pose and the perfect combination of two ideas in one drawing here. Also I really like the piano man. One can actually hear the piano sound while the character is walking by.

4. Do you remember how you saw the world when you were a LittleHuman?

When I was a little human everything felt much safer and more protected to me. I was lucky to grow up with a lot of freedom and tried to extend my childhood to the maximum. I always have been more introverted as a child and loved to play or do creative things like making music and drawing back then. So some things about how I see the world might not have changed since then. Except for the understanding that things don't have to stay how they are and that you are able to change the world that surrounds you actively.

5. Do you have any advice to share with LittleHumans interested in following art / becoming printmakers?

Be curious, and do what you love. Also, make your own rules that define beauty for you. Being creative really is about the joy and your own development. Of course it is good to have some goals in life. But in the first place being creative has to be joyful.

6. What would you tell yourself as a LittleHuman (child)?

I would tell myself to have less fear. I still sometimes overthink things and also did as a child. Also I left out a lot of opportunities from having fear of unexpected events. My little me could have relaxed a bit more and have been more spontaneous.

7. I understand that you have children yourself, what have your LittleHumans taught you? Have they changed you as a person / artist?

Being a father changed everything for the better. As well for me as a person and as an artist. It is great to see the world through their eyes now again as a kid. From the baby days when they discover their basic environment to school kids learning and developing. Also I use my time much more conscious and are way more productive from having a clocked through week. Actually my kids are good drawing advisers too and often help me with finishing and fine-tuning ideas. They are brutally honest and have a fresh view on everything.

Explore Print 05 here.

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