Expanding to carry your essentials, the Beta [Sat.Pkt] keeps your items tethered to you, providing easy access whilst it orbits your body. SMALL BUT MIGHTY
Measuring just 10cm^3, CubeSats provided inspiration for the Satellite Pocket. Hitching a ride into space on full-sized rockets, CubeSats are released into orbit above the Earth where they conduct experiments on everything from biology to climate change, using only the supplies they've taken up with them.
The Satellite Pocket's construction mimics the unfolding of the CubeSat's panels once it's in space, whilst its size is ample for daily essentials including communication devices, portal keys and your MSK.
Perfectly proportioned, the intricate folds expand to fit around vital possessions.Tether around your waist or over your shoulder, adjusting the strap as necessary.Our production process keeps carbon footprint and waste to a minimum.

The Satellite Pocket is not well travelled! Mileage and carbon footprint have been reduced by keeping production just down the road from Petit Pli’s Mission Control in London, where the Pocket was designed. 

We’ve also built it from a monofibre fabric, making it easier to recycle.
The [SAT.PKT] is made from two static elements: two layers of transparent fabric. Their interaction results in a dynamic pattern known as the Moire effect which will mesmerise you whilst causing fleeting double vision.
Fabric of Life
Life as we know it would have been impossible to forge without the elements, period. They are the threads to the Universe’s fabric. 
We aim for the [SAT.PKT] to make up the fabric of its user's lives, so each one is named after an element that corresponds with the colours emitted during supernova explosions.
First adorning the modern human body in the 13th Century, the humble pocket started life being worn like a belt, before becoming integral to many garments.
Encapsulating the Petit Pli ethos, its compact size encourages a minimalist approach, whilst it also serves a purpose, allowing you to have your hands free whilst out and about. Using our technology we’ve reimagined a modern-day version which can be added to any outfit, not only adding a practical element, but extending garment life too.The BETA[X] range signals a Petit Pli research project made in limited quantities. If feedback is positive, the project progresses onto the next stage. This ensures we do not overproduce or waste resources. We want to design the best wearables possible for you, with your input, and welcome your feedback.
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