Petit Pli amongst the 5 DBACE 2019 Made for Good Winner! 

Petit Pli wins DBACE award  

It's all good and great! 
Fellow Earth Inhabitants, 
Did you know that Petit Pli was announced as one of the DBACE 2019 Winners of Made for Good ?
The winning names were announced  at an event hosted by Gemma Cairney from BBC Radio 1 at The Conduit in the centre of London’s West End. The 4 winners next to Petit Pli were:  Activate the city, Black Ballad, Bukky Baldwin, Mental Health The Arts.
Application criteria included: being 18-30 years old, having  a strong idea or an existing enterprise in the creative industry, wanting  to deliver a positive social impact, and being focused and dedicated. 
Apart from  winning a share of £50,000, the prize bundle incorporated continuous support for the upcoming year, giving the victors tailored business support, mentoring and entrance to the MeWe360 community for a 12 month period. 
DBACE is also known as Deutsche Bank Awards for Creative Entrepreneurs, which helps creative entrepreneurs aged between 18 - 30, who are determined by a mission to form and maintain social value through good business. They are well-known for their long history of campaigning initiatives to push positive change in communities around the world.  
The award programme was part of Deutsche Bank’s global social enterprise programme, Made for Good, that has been conveyed in partnership with not-for-profit creative industries incubator MeWe360. 
We are so very happy and grateful to have DBACE acknowledge our mission to do good for humanity by pairing innovation with sustainability.
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Also, click here to watch our founder Ryan Mario Yasin talking about our journey after winning the DBACE award. 
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