Wallpaper*: Mask to suit every style

Petit Pli Mask in Ferrous Clay



We were so excited to see Hannah Silver from Wallpaper including Petit Pli mask  in her round-up of the best masks to suit every style. 

We can’t agree more that a Petit Pli mask can be your everyday companion whether you are a minimalist or a maximalist! Our community of tall and short humans have shown us pictures with their Petit Pli mask accompanying them on a variety of activities from exploring the woods, skiing down a mountain to popping to the mall. 

Wallpaper* is a go-to destination for global designers, highlighting the best designs on interiors, fashion, art, and contemporary lifestyle. We have always enjoyed learning about aspiring designers and their work as featured on Wallpaper*. 

Wallpaper*’s list of best masks includes brands:  Equinox, Vivienne Westwood, Silver Life Mask, Marine Serre , Airpophealth and Sunspel .

To read more about all the other masks you can click on this link

To check out more cool features of the Petit Pli mask you can click here.   



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