If you have any concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to us on care@petitpli.com . Frequently asked questions and answers can be found below. 


What material are Petit Pli garments made from?

The versatile Petit Pli range are made from recycled bottles, as such they are 100% recycled polyester. Petit Pli garments can be worn as outerwear; a rain and wind proof outer shell. These garments can be worn on top of natural layers and are designed to protect your child from rain and wind. Many LittleHumans are happy to wear the garments against their skin too. Because the garments are designed to last for long, we can use top-of-the-range soft, durable & breathable technical fabrics.



Will the garment get smaller once I open it?

Yes, the structure has a memory that is constantly resetting itself when worn and can easily be reset with a horizontal tug.


Will the pleats fall out with use?

Our durable fabrics and the pleating process we've designed make the pleats hard wearing. We see children as extreme athletes and know that they will put Petit Pli to the test!


Will the pleats fall out when I wash them?

Garments are designed to be machine washable! Wash at 30°C – it’s better for the environment too. We strongly recommend you use technical detergents (such as Nikwax Techwash) & reproof when necessary. Do not use fabric softener as this can remove the water repellency, but don’t worry this can be replenished in the event of an error. To dry, just place on top of the drying rack. Do not tumble dry & do not iron. When storing, lay flat and at the top of the pile, ready for the next outing.



Why would I buy this when I can just buy traditional garments as my child grows?

The reason Petit Pli exists is to reduce the amount of unnecessary waste resulting from the fashion industry. If that's not enough to convince you, we've created outerwear that is just better! It's lightweight so you can put it in your pocket, it's rainproof and windproof to protect your child from the elements and it continuously adjusts its size so it won't be bulky or restrictive!


Aren't synthetics bad for the environment?

Petit Pli believes in using materials resourcefully and fit for purpose. The majority of rainwear in the world is made from synthetics, we're just providing a smarter way to use less of that material. Synthetics aren't the problem – overconsumption and waste of plastic is. Whilst we provide a way to slow down consumption, we will do all we can to find alternative materials. Oh and our fabrics are 100% recycled and consist of a monofibre construction so they can be recycled easily.


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