STEP 1: Wash your hands

Before interacting with the (MSK), wash your hands for 20 seconds.


STEP 2: Nose Wire Insertion



Your (MSK) nose wire is located in the Tyvek package. 2 spare nose wires are included with every purchase. To insert your nose wire into your (MSK), first lay your (MSK) on a table, just like in the figure below.

In order to locate the small opening, search approximately 18 cm (7 inches) from the velcro tab. You will find two discrete openings - one is approximately 1cm wide is by the rounded edge (top) of the (MSK), the other is 7 cm in height and is in the middle of the (MSK).

After locating the smaller opening, gently thread the nose wire through the smaller opening near the rounded edge of the (MSK).




STEP 3: PM2.5 Filter (MSK) Insertion

To insert your PM2.5 filter into your (MSK), first locate the larger internal pocket below the nose wire entry.

After locating the larger opening, gently expand the opening and place one PM2.5 filter inside the pocket, with numbers reading PM2.5 readable and facing towards you. 

RM2.5 Filter for Mask


STEP 4: Nose Wire Adjustment

Lay the (MSK) with nose wire & filter successfully inserted on the bridge of your nose and hold with one hand. 

Use the other hand to wrap the "PP" label tongue of the (MSK) anticlockwise around the neck, to fasten on the right side of your neck using the velcro tabs.

Once the (MSK) is sitting comfortably on the back of your neck, use both hands to gently press the nose wire to mirror the shape of your nose.