The future is said to belong to the brave. However, I think it belongs to the curious.

Fig 1. My nephew Viggo!

Petit Pli has been born out following my own curiosity. It is through my obsession with aeronautics, a fascination with origami, and my motivation for one LittleHuman called Viggo to inherit a sustainable future I decided to realise clothes that grow.

As a new uncle in 2016, I - like many before me, became frustrated by how quickly my newborn nephew Viggo outgrew garments & how much waste his speedy growth created. The experience set alight the aeronautical engineer within. I had to realise a novel & responsible solution.

With the support and combined curiosity of our epic community, Petit Pli successfully evolved from an idea to a real solution, living in the real world by joining LittleHumans on explorations at all corners of Planet Earth.

I'll be adding a log and timeline events from the team and I over March 2021 to this page, hope you enjoy the ride!

Sincerely (and curiously),
Ryan and Team Petit Pli



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