Make your own rocket ship!


With the news of an extended lockdown, the immense pressure on parents to LittleHumans to: teach geography, police screen time and be a loving parent - all between zoom meetings, continues. Fortunately, all humans - Little and Tall, learn through play. Few things excite children more than the humble empty cardboard box and unused water bottle. To children - and hopefully some adults, the cardboard box is not just a product lockbox. The humble cardboard box is much more, it is a pirate ship-icecream factory on Monday and a space den on Tuesday, - obviously!

Creating and playing with unused daily objects in lieu of toys takes children on thrilling adventures; allowing LittleHumans’ imaginations to develop. This is great news for two reasons: 1. It is a form of unstructured play 2. Makes for efficient upcycling.

To celebrate International Space Day, we wanted to encourage LittleHumans to explore the great unknowns & possibilities of life beyond planet Earth through some crafty upcycling.

If you love converting waste into magic, please download and follow the instructions in our Make Your Own Rocket Ship manual.

 Download here to HAVE LIFT OFF 

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