Petit Pli doesn't do ordinary. We never have. We never will. When looking at where to set up our first physical store we were in search of a space which spoke to our values: innovation, sustainability and engineering.

We found it. We're happy to share that we're going back to our roots and launching our first brick and mortar retail spaceship at Battersea Power Station. For us, Battersea has been woven into our story from the start.

Petit Pli was incubated and turbocharged at InnovationRCA, based in that neck of the woods. Whether Battersea, one of the oldest place names in all of London, rings a bell for the ornate Thames-side park, the famous dogs and cats home or, like some of the Petit Pli team, you have resided there, it is a stellar central hub within the wide galaxy of London town. We can’t wait to welcome you there!


Battersea Power Station needs no introduction really. Globally recognised as one of London’s architectural icons, Turbine Hall B forms a counterpart to the earlier Turbine Hall A, using the same materials and colour palette, but with a simpler aesthetic that reflects the advent of international modernism. It has exceptional interiors that bring heritage and a sense of place to create a unique retail environment unlike anywhere else in the world.

Petit Pli will soon be part of Turbine Hall B’s story, and vice versa. Construction started in the 1940’s and 50’s during a post-war Britain dominated by dreams of space travel, modernism and the power of science. The hall is clad seamlessly in blue grey faience wall tiles with polished stainless steel fixtures and equipment. Much of the original brutalist interiors and industrial magic have been preserved for future generations to see and for Clothes That Grow to tesselate into.

A finely curated mix of world-renowned retailers and emerging brands will be setting up shop in this splendid space and we’re immensely proud to be one of them. A rich tapestry of retail, culture, education, leisure and refreshments will make up this exciting new quarter. Clothes That Grow childrenswear, adultwear, accessories and new inventions to come will be for sale within this unique world of heritage and power!

We’re so excited to welcome the future of humanity to discover the Petit Pli fold in the flesh. So often our community relay to us that it is the first-hand experience of our innovation that is the eureka moment. We saw it for ourselves back when we hosted our concept store retail space at 88 Regent Street.

From the beginning, Petit Pli has been on a mission to reduce emissions and waste in the garment industry. Streamlining and amplifying better sustainability for LittleHumans and TallHumans alike is our rocket fuel. With a sparkling new spaceship in the form of our Battersea Power Station shop, we can multiply this by great magnitudes.

From starting out as a one-man-band back in 2017, through several different Mission Control offices, collecting multiple team members, awards, investors and new designs, this journey wouldn’t be possible without all of you. It is you that has got us to this step in our journey and we are eternally grateful. So we are very excited to welcome you, yes all of you, along when we launch this new base on October 14th 2022. There will be so much to discover and we have a cornucopia of ideas and plans up our folded, rolled-up sleeves for you. Sign up to our newsletter to be kept in the loop every step and leap of the way.


Over and out, 

Petit Pli


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