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Our latest material innovation the Entropy Vest, has been featured in Dezeen, Yanko, Fast Company, Trendhunter and El Confidencial. Thank you to industry-leading publications and voices in the design community for spreading the word about the Entropy Vest.

“Instead of using batteries and electronics, this vest will make you feel warm and fuzzy thanks to some infinitely reusable chemical magic” - Jesus Diaz, Fast Company

The Entropy Vest is part of our newest mission - to make clothing, and the wearer, adaptable to different weather conditions like never before. Petit Pli’s Entropy Vest was created to challenge the true capabilities of existing thermally regulating fabrics or embedded electronics. The Entropy Vest will also be released in a cooling version, for sweltering heat conditions.

The Entropy Vest is the perfect layer for bitingly cold starts. It is light enough to be worn over a t-shirt or compression top, and thin enough to fit easily under a windbreaker.  The transparent vest contains a Phase Change Material that instantly heats the body on activation, gradually dropping in temperature as you begin to move and warm up - to avoid overheating. The Entropy Vest state changes from a liquid to a gel-like solid.



With the Entropy Vest, Petit Pli explores the potential for garments to have adaptable thermal properties without the need for electronics. This is pertinent as GlobalData forecasts indicate that in 2020, 12.3% of the global population adopted wearables; this  will reach 65.63% by 2030. On account of a lack of infrastructure for wearable technology recycling processes and e-waste generated in 2019 - 53.6 million tonnes (MT)  will increase by 38% by 2030 (United Nations University, 2020). In response to this growing waste-stream, Petit Pli will continue innovating  designs fulfilling real human needs; enabling them to have greater emotional durability & longevity. 

Ryan Mario Yasin, CEO and Founder shares:

 “Britain is on track to becoming a hot-house. As the climate crisis continues, rapid and extreme temperature fluctuations are becoming more common - this means extremes of cold, as well as extremes of heat. Consequently, humanity - especially the next generation,  is at risk of exposure to thermal stress. The Entropy Vest helps its wear adapt to extreme cold - giving the wearer a sudden burst of heat at the click of a button. 

The  project builds upon Petit Pli’s award-wining and in demand scalable patented growth technology & know-how to develop modular expandable childrenswear with temperature sensing & signalling capabilities at scale, with the aim of optimising infant thermoregulation. This capacity is significant as the World Health Organisation (WHO) predicts < 4 years mortality related to heat exposure caused by climate change increasing by 30% to >100,000 deaths per year by 2050.”

With our multidisciplinary team of engineers and designers at Petit Pli, and a universe of possibilities, we can’t stop looking for new material solutions. Clothes that Grow rethinks the essential elements of clothing, through the prism of engineering, human centred design and sustainability. Our research into thermochemical materials allows us to break into new areas. We can’t wait to reveal our next exploration.

Stay Curious,

Team Petit Pli

P.S.  We like to keep the ideas flowing at Petit Pli HQ, new ideas are always brewing. What do you our community think of the Entropy Vest? For what application would you put it to use?

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