Introducing our Enchanting Mascots: Captivating Adventures Await!

Prepare to embark on thrilling adventures with our delightful fleet of mascots that perfectly complement our MiniHuman suits. These enchanting companions are the ideal buddies for little ones as they explore the world around them.

Crafted with meticulous care, our Mission Crew mascots are made from 100% recycled materials and offcuts, minimising our environmental impact. Inspired by humanity's explorations, each mascot has its own intergalactic tale. Discover more about these extraordinary companions below!

 Mascots are available to buy at the Young V&A Museum Shop, London E2 9PA


Why Off-Cuts? A Journey Towards Zero Waste.

Ever wonder what happens to the fabric offcuts from our clothing production? Well, wonder no more! We've ingeniously stitched together these leftover scraps of Petit Pli to create our one-of-a-kind mascots. Embracing our zero waste ethos, this approach extends not only to our entire range but also to our packaging.

Get Acquainted with Our Stellar Fleet 

Our mascots (£20 each) are carefully handcrafted in London using a captivating mix of off-cut fabrics, resulting in a kaleidoscope of colours and textures. Just like our space suits, these mascots are free from any toxic chemicals. Constructed from recycled ripstop polyester, they are sturdy companions ready to join your MiniHuman on endless explorations.

Introducing Our Stellar Companions:
IVY: A tribute to the Falcon Heavy , a series of reusable heavy-lift launch vehicles that made history between 2018 and 2019. These colossal rockets, with their remarkable ability to return to Earth after transporting cargo and crew into orbit, have left an indelible mark on space exploration. Ivy, our mascot, embodies the spirit of these extraordinary rockets.
LUNA: Inspired by the lunar Space Programme, which operated from 1959 to 1976. It launched a fleet of robotic spacecraft, some of which orbited while others successfully landed on the moon. Through these missions, we gained invaluable insights into the Moon's composition, gravity, temperature, and radiation. Luna, our mascot, carries the legacy of lunar exploration.
CASSIE: Named after Gamma Cassiopeiae, a radiant star at the heart of the "W" shaped constellation called Cassiopeia. This star, an eruptive variable, can dazzle with its varying brightness, just like our Cassie mascot.

These mascots are more than just companions; they embody the wonders of space and the imaginative spirit of childhood. So, gear up your MiniHuman for extraordinary escapades alongside their trusty mascot, forging memories that will last a lifetime.

Let the adventure begin! ✨

Team Petit Pli



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