Lotta Maija is a visual and surface designer from Helsinki, Finland. Lotta's graphic  style exudes colour, organic and bold shapes and is a whimsical twist on classic  Finnish folk flowers and fruit iconography. Lotta achieves this through the use of classic shapes with super-natural colours. We believe her visual style will light up the imaginations of evolving active LittleHuman minds. 

Outside of growing up in Finland, Lotta has spent time living in Tokyo, Japan. Japanese influences creep through her creative process. Considered details and lovingly-assembled installations earmark her style. We are thrilled to share Lotta’s world and instantly knew her style could come to life on, and bring life, to Clothes That Grow childrenswear. Step into her world:


Tell us about your print and illustrations for Petit Pli

I like to play with the shapes of objects. My prints and illustrations are mainly flower and fruit themed and I’ve created my own recognisable palette of bright colours and pastel hues. I love how different shapes form with only one or two colours. The aesthetic stems from my textile printing design background. In my illustrations, objects are flat, combining solid colour with defined details. 

Do you remember how you saw the world when you were a LittleHuman?

As a child I was always doing crafts, drawing and painting with my grandmother. Every time I visited I knew we would paint and would eagerly await it. We’d decide on a theme (animals, flowers, cartoons etc.) and both of us created our own versions. At the summer cottage, we also made herbariums from wildflowers, drawing and painting them.

Do you have any advice to share with LittleHumans interested in following art or becoming printmakers?

When I was young, I was always worried that I wasn’t good at drawing. Now I've studied and am working in the field, I'd say the drawing skill is secondary. The essential thing is creating one's own visual universe. I still don't think I'm a good drawer but that's alright and I don't have to be because I have my own thing, my own visual world with colours and shapes I've collected and created.

What have LittleHumans taught you? Have they changed you as a person / artist?

LittleHumans have a special and fresh way of seeing and looking at things. As a designer I think it's important to try to maintain a childlike way of looking and observing the world.


Seen any recent innovations or inspirations that have caught your eye?

I've been following a Finnish company called Spinnova that is creating a new sustainable textile fibre made from wood pulp.

Recommendations where you are based?

I'm from and based in Helsinki, Finland. As a Finn I love to throw water on hot stones in a small room, aka go to a sauna. We have nice public saunas in the city but my favourite one is Finland's oldest swimming hall, Yrjönkatu swimming hall. The swimming hall building is architecturally significant: it was designed by architect Väinö Vähäkallio and represents the classical trend of the 1920s. I love to go a few times a week during the winter.

Is there anything we didn't cover which you would share with or recommend to the Petit Pli community?

I want to thank Petit Pli for the collaboration and trust and to say that I admire innovations like theirs and I'm super happy and honoured to be a little part of their journey.

Lotta, we are grateful to you! The Lotta print will debut in our new comfort range. Keep your eyes peeled!

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