Monocle 24 in conversation with the founder of Petit Pli 

Ryan Yasin Mario being interview by Monocle 24

Hello Fellow Humans, 

We are super excited to share with you that last week a petit discussion took place between our founder Ryan Mario Yasin and Daniel Bach for Monocle Radio’s The Entrepreneurs Show. 
Monocle 24 is a round-the-clock radio station that presents podcasts and live shows reporting on news, global affairs, culture, business, print media, and urban life. It airs from Monocle's HQ at Midori House in London. Hosted by Daniel Bach, The Entrepreneurs is a weekly program that dives into the journey of groundbreaking super minds, ideas and companies. 
On the first part of the podcast you will hear the chairman of Polaroid Oskar Smolokowski speaking about his fascinating journey on the revival of the Polaroid camera. 
On the second part of the podcast, Ryan speaks about his journey from understanding fashion’s burden on the planet to his multidisciplinary approach for developing a product which will help the fashion industry reach its net zero carbon emission targets by 2030.  
To listen to the podcast, click here  ! 


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