Inspiration: Nagyedi 

Mother with son in Petit Green Ore Contrast Suit

Hailing from Budapest and based in London, Nagyedi is an independent singer, songwriter, music producer and very cool mamma to her son Mika. 

Her latest song is inspired by her relationship with Mika and was written during the first beautiful and challenging weeks of motherhood.

Above is the cover-art for Edi Nagi’s single called “Out of this World” in which her LittleHuman wears one of our first ever suits in Green Ore! Little Mike looks ready to explore the world in his Petit Pli suit. 

The song by NAGYEDi is available on every streaming platform & has even been released on NFT!

We are super grateful to Nagyedi for sharing the meaning behind her song with us.

We’ve been listening to it this weekend and would love for you all to do so, too!



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