Outer Space Garments

  The powers of clothing are profound. Clothing communicates identity, demarcates time and drives economies. Not only this, clothing enables humanity to thrive beyond our atmosphere. Lab-blended f...

Inhabiting Antarctica

On the southernmost tip of the planet, human life is sparse. The icy continent of Antarctica is the only landmass on Earth without a native human population. However, the windiest and driest place...

Plastic: Hero & Villain

  What do Hannibal Lecter, Lex Luthor, Darth Vader and plastic share in common?   The answer is nestled in the title of this week’s blog - they are all modern-day villains! However, plastic is ...

Cloth: The Original Technology

    Whoosh. Click. Briinng-briinnng. Boop. Bzzzz. Sound familiar? It should do. It’s the soundtrack of the 21st century, performed by an orchestra of our most beloved technologies — consumer elec...

Earth’s Most Essential Resource.

Hello Fellow Humans, What is the value of water? We drink it, we bathe in it. It’s so essential that it factors into every aspect of our daily existence, including the clothes we wear. Yes, there...
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