5 Things with Dadee

@petitpli meets @da_dee_ | Finding balance in the chaos of everyday life as a parent 🎥❤️

Full-time worker and dad turned YouTube creator, Brian Nguyen, from Toronto, Ontario was recently inspired this past year to create a digital memory book for his two kids. Through food, music, and moments turned into memories, Brian’s YouTube channel entitled, Dadee aims to capture moments with his kids through cooking that they can later look back on.

Here at Petit Pli, we are passionate about creating a community of parents and children that we can look to for advice, recommendations, and best parent practices. That’s why we recently chatted with Brian for our #5Things series where he gave us his top 5 recommendations for parents with a full-time job. Read closely for his top tips:

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☀️ Make the most of your mornings
As a dad to 2 toddlers, life can get pretty hectic. I try to wake up early to make the most of each morning. After starting with a workout, I then make breakfast for my kids and get them ready for the day. I find that getting an early start helps to set the momentum for the rest of the day. After all, there’s nothing worse than trying to play catch-up.

🚲 Prioritize time for yourself
As a parent, it’s still important to take time for yourself. I find that exercising first thing in the morning allows me to make time for myself while also giving me the energy to handle all of life’s craziness. More importantly, it helps me to be a better dad: I’ve found that I’m less irritable and more compassionate to my children’s needs.

🔨 Being a parent = being good at repair
Fitness instructor, Rebecca Kennedy, mentioned once in a talk that being a parent means being good at repair. This mindset has stuck with me ever since. As a parent, we aren’t always going to get it right the first time. Being a parent means having a mindset that will look to repair and make changes when necessary for the future.

🍓 Expand their food palette
Me and my wife want our kids to have a healthy relationship with food so we try to incorporate a variety of different dishes and ingredients in their weekly meals. Having a more open food palette helps them to have a more open mind.

📹 Make memories
With a full-time job, being a full-time parent also can be a lot to juggle. But, at the end of the day, making memories with your kids is so important. That’s why I decided to make a YouTube channel where I cook different meals for my kids and then record their reactions. It’s helped me to have more quality time with my kids and also create memories that they can look back on through these videos. Even if it’s when I’m cooking dinner for them, I can make dishes that had an impact on me throughout my life, and I can share these special moments with my kids.

Follow DaDee on his YouTube channel for more inspiration and to see how he’s created a memory book for his two kids. 📖