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The Petit Pli community is abound with amazing creativity and curiosity, July’s ‘5 things’ interviewee is no exception. A lover of colours and expert in sharing climate science through illustration, Qiyun is the face behind The Weird and Wild.

Qiyun graduated with a Bachelors of Environmental Studies from the National University of Singapore, but is a self-taught doodler! She combines technical sustainability expertise with vibrant visuals to make climate issues accessible.

When Petit Pli and The Weird and Wild first launched a 5 things recommendation conversation, we weren’t expecting fantastic illustrations to emerge visualising Petit Pli’s story, mars tests and technical outerwear. But that is Qiyun!
Step into her world:

1. Ecosystem Adventure

I live in Singapore, our small island has amazing intertidal zones and is home to an estimated 23,000 species of terrestrial organisms! I'm fascinated by the incredible creatures that thrive in demanding environments.

2. The 5-9

I started The Weird and Wild to explore sustainability communications in new ways instead of the typical green-blue colourways and jargonistic content. I’m also building a podcast, Climate Cheesecake, and also interactive media platform, Climate Commons.

3. Planetary Wisdoms

Reevaluate the value systems that we’ve been taught to view nature and sustainability. It’ll take time and support to break free from extractive and consumerist notions of what sustainability is.

4. Book Beetles Only

I'm reading a bunch of graphical books on climate change written for children - my current favourite is Beetles for Breakfast by Madeleine Finlay and Jisu Choi.

5. Innovation Inspiration

Petit Pli’s ethos has always drawn me in. Design, innovation and rethinking fashion consumption - brilliant! I also really love visual essays from Nice and Serious on issues such as water conservation.

Thank you, Qiyun, for your time, words and wonderful illustrations.

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