This coming weekend will see much of the UK immersed in an abundance of celebrations for the Queen’s platinum jubilee. A jubilee, by definition, is a special anniversary celebration - an occasion celebrating a landmark passing of time from an important moment in history. 

Team Petit Pli recently came across this image of a group of ambitious young astronauts celebrating at the silver jubilee of 1977. 

Only a few years ago, we were celebrating the astronomical half century jubilee of Neil Armstrong’s landmark first steps on the moon. 

These landmarks really get us thinking about the passing of time and the steps and leaps of progress we make that are worth celebrating. 

If we look back to the moment in which this image was taken, the 1970s is a landmark era in fashion, but one which in many ways saw the start of overproduction of cheaper, synthetic clothing. Fast forward to today and we’re proud to be part of a movement tackling overproduction and overconsumption, providing rocket fuel for change and progress. 

According to the Pulse of the Fashion Industry report,  if the fashion industry addresses the environmental and social fallout of the current status quo, by 2030 the overall benefit to the world economy could be about €160 billion (USD 192 billion). 

At Petit Pli, we’re on a mission to challenge the status quo and help mitigate overproduction and waste in the industry, by providing adaptable adultwear and sustainable childrenswear to last many years of child-like hope, celebration and wonder. 

Wishing you all a stellar jubilee weekend! 

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