Intention. Awareness. Connection


Kat wearing Petit Pli Infra Red Mask

Nothing is created. Nothing Disappears. Everything is just transformed”

This Petit Pli Portrait features the powerful YogiHuman, Kat Pither, founder of Yogi Bare, a sustainable yoga equipment company that will soon be recycling flip flops as part of a secret project. Kat is wearing her MSK in Infrared, which was created in Portugal with our awesome production partners who are 100% CERTIFIED GREEN ENERGY - which means their energy is generated from either water, the sun or organic sources. As Kat would say, her MSK has been created from positive transformation!

Kat’s approach to mindful ways directly translates to her work with Yogi Bare. Keep reading for a glimpse into her world!


1. What do you do?


Aside from causing mischief, I'm the founder of eco conscious high performance brand Yogi Bare. My job is kind of like the nutty professor meets cupid, connecting Yogi’s to their eco soul mates!


2. What is an average day like?


I believe you have to make time for a little day dreaming, so I rise really early just to sit and be with my coffee and delve into my imagination. Sometimes this leads to a poem or an imagination meditation, and sometimes I just revisit rad memories or plan adventures. 


I try to stay off screens/emails for these first few hours, because my days are quite chaotic, so I make sure to get my meditation, movement, cold showers and creative time in early. Then, no matter how off-piste things go, I know at least I’ve looked after myself in some small ways. 


My days are wild and varied with Yogi Bare – from designing, sourcing and testing new sustainable innovations, to conjuring up all the Yogi Bare creative and marketing, to making sure our rad team is happy and supported – which is the most important thing to me. I’m super lucky that Yogi Bare has enabled me to employ my best friends and they make every day so much fun! 


Beyond Yogi Bare, I love to write. My phone notes and notebooks are full of scribbles and little poems – it’s my favourite way to switch off.


3. What has been a window of joy for you during the pandemic? 


Noticing the birds. When I feel utterly lost or like an anxious hummingbird, I play this new game with myself and ask myself if I can notice the birds. I try to tune into them and it’s an instant five minute mindful reset. 

I’ve also started recording all my imagination meditations and poems to then share them openly and it’s given me so much joy.


4. If you could go back in time speak to your LitlleHuman self what would you say?


Hey little one, if I could tell you anything it’s this: Only you can experience this life, this world, its inexplicable magic and majesty. So follow your own rule book, be bold, be unafraid and unashamed to perceive things your way. Keep your eyes open to the wonders of the day to day. Oh, and don’t shave half your head when you are 16 .. it’ll leave you wonky on top for the next few years.


5. What does sustainability mean to you? 


Honesty. Transparency. Slowness. Intention. Awareness. Connection.


And remember this: Nothing is created. Nothing Disappears. Everything is just transformed. This gives a layer of consideration to each purchase. If it’s not disappearing, will it be transformed for good or bad, and how can I help that process?


We are delighted to have gotten the chance to get to know more about Kat and we will be practising her mindful bird listening exercises from now on.


 Life can seem overwhelming and stressful but we encourage you fellow humans to take a minute and tune into the birds-and tune into ourselves.

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