Don't worry and get into your Hobbies

Magnchild in Petit Pli Khaki Ray Mask and Her Partner in Petit Pli Infra Red Mask

In our second Petit Portrait, we would like to introduce you to another epic member of our TallHuman community, an epic  mask maker by the name of Magnhild Kennedy wearing our Khaki-Ray MSK and her partner in crime Dalston Pier in Infra-Red. 


1. What do you do?⠀

I’m a mask maker. Not the kind that’s useful in a pandemic.⠀


2. What is an average day like?⠀

Normally I wake up way too late. When I’ve fed myself, I make a big pot of tea and waddle over to my work desk. There I’ll sit sewing for about 10 hours. Whilst working I watch movies back to back. Mostly action or sci-fi/fantasy. I’ll watch anything that has a good speed to it, it helps spur on the work.⠀


3.What has been a window of joy for you during the pandemic?⠀

The lack of FOMO has been a welcome relief and given me more time to sit and look through books. And I’ve walked a lot! My body is happier than it has been for years.⠀


4. What does sustainability mean to you?⠀

If you take something useful out, you must put something useful in. For my work I often use stuff that has already done one or several jobs before it ends up on my pieces. For me, that brings a sort if equilibrium to the making, and it gives the work a license to be.⠀


5. If you could go back in time speak to your LittleHuman self what would you say?⠀

Don’t worry so much about school and get into your hobbies. And floss your teeth! 

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