Earth's Hidden Figures.

2020 has been a confusing time for humans Little and Tall, to help reduce the confusion around Covid-19 Petit Pli released its first comic Mission 1: Unstick The Sticky Alien!

To Petit Pli, supporting social justice is integral to creating an environment on Earth which we are proud to live in and to be borrowed by the next generation; for we do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.

We felt it was imperative to create a tool for parents to use when LittleHumans ask  them “What is Black Lives Matter?”. Why are people protesting? How can I help?”

The Petit Pli Team created our second comic, Mission 2: Earth’s Hidden Figures  for LittleHumans, to highlight the importance and significance of the Black Lives Matter movement. 

We hope our comic helps to nurture LittleHumans' innate curiosity and inspires them to never stop asking about Earth's hidden figures.




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