Eluxe Magazine: Petit Pli for the Eco-friendly Mom

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To all the moms you are the greatest inhabitants on the planet, sorry dads ! 
We were delighted that Lora O’Brien from Eluxe Magazine has chosen us to be on their secret list for eco-friendly moms. We cannot agree more with Lora that it is not easy to be an eco-friendly parent ! 
We created our products with tall and small eco-warriors orbiting in our minds.
Petit Pli garments are made with ultra-weight technical materials that are reinforced, water-resistant, breathable and are very long lasting. 
We are overwhelmed and joyful about being featured in Eluxe, a magazine that highlights brands committed to environmental sustainability and good ethics. Eluxe Magazine is a digital lifestyle publication based in London. They are very proudly the world's first-ever publication focused entirely on sustainable luxury.
Thank you so much Eluxe Magazine for supporting our Petit journey !   
Click here to reveal more secrets of being an eco-friendly mom ! 


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