Fashion District : Manufacturing Futures 2021 shortlist

Fellow Earth Inhabitants,

On the 11th of May, the Fashion District revealed its shortlist for the Fashion District Innovation Challenge Prize 2021, which included start ups dedicated to innovating and changing the future of manufacturing. 

All challenge participants were asked to submit a technology based solution that has the potential to transform any part of the fashion supply chain whilst respecting the planet Earth and its precious natural resources.

Our co-listees are passionate start-ups applying cutting edge technology and engineering to tackle pressing environmental problems present in fashion supply chains. 

We were over the moon to be shortlisted alongside 10 other innovative and creative projects by the Fashion District in collaboration with the Fashion Innovation Agency! From plant based leathers by Biophilica, to innovative services offered by Terra Neutra that offers a way for adults and LittleHumans to offset their carbon footprint in their shopping cart.


These few years have been rocky for all of us with Covid-19, yet we are determined to do the best for our community of TallHumans and LittleHumans. 

Thank you Fashion District for recognising Petit Pli’s mission to engineer clothes for the next generation of humans. 

To read the full list, click here.
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