Petit Pli's retail shop

Photographed by: Andrew Meredith

Designed by Landini Associates


There is nothing quite like stepping into a brick-and-mortar space for a journey of the senses. From the touching and trying on of products to face-to-face conversations with friendly staff.

For our other worldly designs, we’ve designed a store alongside Landini Associates to feel like a moon landing without having to step off Earth. To achieve this, Petit Pli the walls of their satellite are covered in a layer of cool grey, clay-based plaster sourced from Devon and Cornwall by Clayworks; adding dimension yet sophisticated simplicity to the space.

The colouring and texture of the plasterwork was part of the team’s desire to curtain the walls in moon craters to create the effect of a moon landing; signifying both the major leap opening a physical store at the power station is for the brand and reflecting its origins at Aeronautical Engineering department in Imperial College London. Eagle eyed visitors will be challenged to locate the buried moon boot print in the stuccoed clay elements. The rawness of the walls are made richer by lighting and the ceiling reflective panels; hanging above Stanley Kubrick approved tables made from mild steel and built locally in Milton Keynes. .

Petit Pli’s success is a result of the strength of its global community of users. The brand highlights its community in the store design through a commemorative plaque embedded in a clay wall. Every single one of Petit Pli’s investors’ names - of which 362 were happy to be listed - can be found here. Petit Pli felt it was important to include their names in the store, not only as a mark of gratitudes but to showcase to the next generation of shoppers building an independent brand takes a village.